CRM Magazine: July 2011
Magazine Features
Fierce battle centers on retail players and favors those who adapt best to new market dynamics
Companies seeking suppliers have plenty from which to choose, but the market is turbulent
Shopping trend empowers consumers and challenges business strategies
Groupon and others put group buying discounts on the menu
Front Office
All's fair in love and war—and retail
Reality Check
The need to reduce travel spurs front-office solutions
Customer Centricity
Providing an extraordinary experience should never compromise the basics
The Tipping Point
Mix skilled workers, listening platform, and measurable objectives
It's not the medium but, rather, how you use it to engage customers that counts
Pint of View
Courting kids in the experience economy
Many firms use analytics data inconsistently and rely on personal experiences when engaging customers
Gartner forecasts that social and mobile approaches will influence at least 80 percent of consumers' discretionary spending by 2015
Half of Americans use their mobile devices to make purchases, study shows
Mass-messaging systems help keep constituents informed
Acumen's customized CRM application manages partner organizations and provides extensive reports
A major American energy company uses a customized sales program to cross-sell its way to higher profits
K9Cuisine.com generates a revenue increase simply by keeping its name in tweeted URLs

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