CRM Magazine: April 2011
Magazine Features
How to Demystify Women's Purchasing Behavior
Too much familiarity can repel customers, so designers must take pains to build the right systems
Vendors deliver a broad suite of new functionality
Front Office
Personalizing customer communications is important, but it's essential to understand your audiences' preferences and not assume that you know them.
Reality Check
The technologies will play a bigger role in everyday business processes and mobile devices
Customer Centricity
Purse strings loosen on capital spending, which may bring rapid deployments
The Tipping Point
Technology and strategy convert customer interactions into actionable insight
By acknowledging social media's influence and capitalizing on it, you could create evangelists for your company
Pint of View
Apartment hunting reveals what happens behind closed doors
After a lawsuit questioned quality of its beef, the food chain aggressively disseminated its side of the story
Study identifies the main triggers for consumer disengagement in online marketing campaigns
Fourteen percent of the world's population belongs to at least one such program, according to Finaccord
Telco loyalty programs increasingly have the right ring
Sales and marketing teams must be connected for a win-win scenario
Nexidia's QuickStart helps health insurer reduce call times and volume and improve self-service on the Web
Cognos solution leads to 50,000 new visits and revenue growth

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