CRM Magazine: January 2010
Magazine Features
The pursuit of the new is, itself, nothing new. So why do we—and customers—seem to value it so highly? This month, we take an in-depth look at the promise—and price—of innovation.
Perhaps more than ever, it's a good idea to look for good ideas? But where are they hiding?
Cutting-edge technologies are altering the possibilities that are open to us. Is your company prepared to embrace the new?
This month's special report on innovation may have a bit of an emphasis on the inhuman machine, but we still know the single-most important part of technology is the user interface. What happens when the user becomes the interface?
Knowing where consumers are can reveal a lot about who they are.
Front Office
Reality Check
You can't know where you are unless you look—and look hard.
Customer Centricity
Organizations must change their mission and culture to benefit from new technologies.
The Tipping Point
What history—and a survey of current behavior—can teach us about the threat to customer loyalty.
Merging the digital and the real to create an engaging experience.
Pint of View
Innovation is change, but change isn't necessarily innovation
In the pursuit of consumer sentiment, has the industry skipped over speech analytics and jumped on the social media bandwagon?
Companies have always aimed for the customer's heart, but the head may make a better target.
The 2009 Groundswell Awards congratulate cutting-edge companies mastering social media.
The insurance industry is slowly shifting from traditional to trendy.
The word on the street.
A luxury hotel utilizes surface computing from Microsoft to deepen relationships and its brand promise.
Video adds a new dimension to Electric Shopping's products and dramatically improves conversions
With podcasts, a blog, and social network participation, Lion Brand Yarn weaves itself into the fabric of the customer experience.
Secret of My Success
OK Labs forgoes traditional marketing in favor of a community-based Web 2.0 approach.
To get back to more personalized content, companies are discovering geolocation technologies.

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