CRM Magazine: July 2009
Magazine Features
As the higher education sector finds itself struggling under a heavy course load — short-term admissions problems made worse by a systemic financial crisis—leading-edge universities are studying up on CRM.
Your customers are searching for you. Unfortunately, if you don't come to grips with search engine marketing, you're making it harder for them to find you.
Since roadblocks on the implementation superhighway often come down to human factors, we've collected 10 of the most common and the most costly — to help you avoid them.
Front Office
In a recession, an innovative organization can learn to focus on fewer projects—but ones that can meet and even exceed expectations.
Reality Check
Three factors are combining to (finally) drive interest in mobile CRM.
Customer Centricity
From now on, consumers will be saddled with residual uncertainty.
The Tipping Point
A customer-centric approach for emerging markets.
Scouting Report
A variety of applications promise revenue generation and cost reduction.
Pint of View
It all started with sales tax.
As more vendors enter the on-demand CRM arena, profit may be harder to come by. Is consolidation the answer?
Experts insist that social media is measurable—it just depends on how you define your metrics.
Customer Experience Summit '09: Improving the customer experience starts with a hard look in the mirror.
Forget money: Trust, transparency, and value represent today's social currency.
Author Tara Hunt explains how The Whuffie Factor can be a company's saving grace.
A reader offers a Pre-view on smartphones, and "Pint of View" generates some responses.
New York Life streamlines its workforce, vastly improving internal metrics.
For The Carphone Warehouse, the key to quality service is empowering agents with consistent and organized knowledge.
With search-optimized customer reviews, Diapers.com increases site traffic and online sales.
Travel Dynamics International finds that adding a real CRM system can lead to unexpected destinations.
Secret of My Success
Forest-product supplier Weyerhaeuser builds out its master data management strategy with Siperian.
The PRM market—often seen as a quiet backwater—may be entering a revival, particularly among B2Bs.

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