CRM Magazine: June 2009
Magazine Features
CRM magazine's in-depth report on the state of social media in CRM.
An alphabetical glossary of what you need to know about social media.
CRM magazine's Social Media Maturity Model, the launching pad for a discussion of the next five years of social media.
You may not know what you're doing — but your customers do. If the time to act is now — does that mean it's too late to plan?
Social computing is still working its way into the consultative sales process. For most sales forces, that's just fine.
Your customers are increasingly connected — to you, to your competition, to each other — but you're not supposed to be the center of every network.
Communities and channels are rapidly expanding — and your company needs to at least know its place in all of them.
An exclusive excerpt from the new book, The Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products, Reach New Audiences, and Sell More Stuff, by Salesforce.com's Clara Shih.
Front Office
Customer attitudinal information is what companies have been clamoring to obtain for years.
Reality Check
Active engagement gives us a chance to better understand the customer.
Customer Centricity
Beyond marketing, the popular tools and techniques can also serve as a channel for support.
The Tipping Point
The social Web is about to evolve — again. Are you ready to evolve, too?
We're awash in social networking data. Do we really want our businesses drowning in it, too?
Pint of View
I don't care to belong to any social network that will accept me as a member.
If you expect employees to stay within the lines, you need to draw the lines first.
Social networking has the potential to transform the day-to-day operations of customer service representatives.
Microsoft Convergence '09: Microsoft and its user groups extend face-to-face with @-to-@.
The co-author of Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom explains why it's not so easy for companies to simply hop aboard the social media bandwagon.
Social media thought leaders, twittering about social media.
By focusing on connecting employees, a socially entwined culture benefits clients.
Quality time — and high-quality engagement — on Twitter helps CruiseDeals.com extend its brand and develop leads.
With Helpstream's on-demand offering, Infusionsoft bolsters its customer support.
Financial software developer Advent uses InQuira to show it's what you know and who you know.
Secret of My Success
Capable of far more than pokes, tweets, and zombies, vendors begin to connect with social software platforms.

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