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Danny Estrada

Danny Estrada has worked in CRM for the past 20 years. As a practice leader, he has guided teams through the implementation and development cycles of more than 500 CRM projects. He is the author of the Practical CRM blog (http://blog.practicalcrm.net) and a speaker on real-world application of CRM concepts. You can reach him at destrada@practicalCRM.net.

Articles By Danny Estrada
Good pipeline management requires clear thinking and knowing when to cut a deal loose.
Posted 31 Jul 2017 [August 2017 Issue]
A company learns that it can be both
Posted 27 Feb 2017 [March 2017 Issue]
A platform change (if you need it) signals a good time to update your processes and mind-set, too
Posted 25 Jul 2016 [August 2016 Issue]
An industry begins to accept it has to work harder to find and keep customers—and CRM can help
Posted 22 Feb 2016 [March 2016 Issue]
Integrating marketing tools with CRM keeps everyone in the loop
Posted 01 Sep 2015 [September 2015 Issue]
Establishing expectations and enabling intelligent data flow are key to your mobile blueprint.
Posted 13 Aug 2015
What are vendors leaving out of the conversation?
Posted 01 Mar 2015 [March 2015 Issue]
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