Biographical Information
David Rich
managing director, CRM practice, Accenture

David Rich (david.b.rich@accenture.com) is the managing director of the CRM practice at Accenture, a company that specializes in management consulting, outsourcing, and systems integration technology.

Articles By David Rich
Tight budgets and heightened expectations combine to pose a challenge.
Posted 14 Sep 2010 [September 2010 Issue]
Divining the right path requires the right data.
Posted 11 May 2010 [May 2010 Issue]
Give customers an opportunity to play an active role in customizing their customer service
Posted 10 Feb 2010 [February 2010 Issue]
What history—and a survey of current behavior—can teach us about the threat to customer loyalty.
Posted 26 Jan 2010 [January 2010 Issue]
A shift from managing volume to managing relationships.
Posted 01 Oct 2009 [October 2009 Issue]
A customer-centric approach for emerging markets.
Posted 01 Jul 2009 [July 2009 Issue]
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