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This Q&A with Baruch Lev is an extension of the "Movers & Shakers" article from the July 2001 edition of /I>Knowledge Management magazine.
Posted 19 Jun 2001
If deploying knowledge management solutions were easy, I'd likely be out of a job. But it's not--in fact, it's as hard as it is necessary.
Posted 14 Jun 2001
Road warriors should learn to protect the soft, vulnerable underbelly of business: information.
Posted 22 Nov 2000 [December 2000 Issue]
No one doubts that mobile Web access is a valuable business tool. but given the current state of the technology, is it a wise business investment?
Posted 26 Oct 2000 [November 2000 Issue]
New technologies will help make laptop computers obsolete- -and it's about time.
Posted 27 Sep 2000 [October 2000 Issue]
Powering options are key to popularity in portable tools.
Posted 23 Aug 2000 [September 2000 Issue]
Despite some growing pains, wireless makes sense: it really can reduce lag time and the cost of sales.
Posted 20 Jul 2000 [August 2000 Issue]
Microsoft's latest palm-top operating system raises the bar for enterprise mobile connectivity.
Posted 26 Jun 2000 [July 2000 Issue]
Bob Egan, one of the most respected analysts in the field of enterprise mobile communications, predicts the future for wireless data.
Posted 31 May 2000
Despite some false starts, wireless sales support now looks as if it's headed for deployment. How soon will it change your business?
Posted 25 May 2000 [May 2000 Issue]
Mobile technology is still largely unsatisfactory for the serious business user, but there are glimmers of hope.
Posted 25 May 2000 [May 2000 Issue]
In the age of e-tail, innovative thinking is helping some retailers profit from the new selling paradigm.
Posted 25 May 2000 [June 2000 Issue]
Modern market research was born shortly before World War I at the Curtis Publishing Co., a magazine publisher.
Posted 17 Apr 2000
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