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Collaborative Web browsing gives customers much-needed human interaction in a point-and-click world.
Posted 10 Feb 2001 [March 2001 Issue]
Privacy officers promise to protect and serve...everyone.
Posted 10 Feb 2001 [March 2001 Issue]
A look at how the new customer interaction centers fuses existing call center technologies with new Internet technologies, resulting in a flexible and fully integrated solution.
Posted 08 Feb 2001
Mindarrow creates a CRM solution with sound and motion.
Posted 28 Jan 2001 [February 2001 Issue]
Adding interactive technologies to your call center will improve customer service, build loyalty and powerfully coordinate your customer service resources.
Posted 20 Dec 2000 [January 2001 Issue]
Smart Web help
Posted 21 Nov 2000 [December 2000 Issue]
Does Web personalization really work?
Posted 27 Sep 2000 [October 2000 Issue]
Cisco, EMC, Oracle form a partnership for e-commerce efficiency
Posted 21 Jul 2000 [August 2000 Issue]
At look at how real-time access to critical business information across the supply chain gives Esprit a competitive edge.
Posted 05 Jul 2000
Donald F. Blumberg, a pioneer in the development of advanced field service systems and technology, spoke with FFA Contributing Editor Michelle Delio about what the future holds in the field service technology space.
Posted 20 Jun 2000
By overstepping the bounds of user privacy, Internet advertising agency DoubleClick gained the dubious honor of being the first dot com company to publicly prove that badly implemented CRM can impact horribly a company's bottom line.
Posted 06 Jun 2000
Using a Windows CE-based software solution and a convenient handheld for its field force, Casio streamlined its operations and reined in administrative costs.
Posted 04 Jun 2000
Hyundai Motor America adopts a new e-business system that streamlines ordering processes while improving dealer relationships.
Posted 02 Jun 2000
Build customer loyalty by maximizing your web site's potential
Posted 25 May 2000 [May 2000 Issue]
Privacy advocates cringed when this online advertiser linked supposedly anonymous clickstream data with consumers' private info.
Posted 25 May 2000 [May 2000 Issue]
For wholesale magazine distributor Anderson News, the problem was providing a central point to diagnose and repair distribution problems for field reps all over the country. A custom-built mobile system provides a solution that gives field representatives from national distributors and publishers the same access to decision-critical information that Anderson's own agents get.
Posted 17 Apr 2000
To extend its advantage in superlative service, Ritz-Carlton implemented a guest relationship management program that helps identify, profile and please most valued guests.
Posted 17 Apr 2000
The Wedge MiniNote cuts some corners but delivers respectable performance.
Posted 01 Jan 2000 [July 1999 Issue]
Apple's newest pared-down PowerBook combines speed and formidable features with sleek good looks.
Posted 01 Jan 2000 [August 1999 Issue]
Compaq strives to offer the enterprise its choice of perfect business computer configurations.
Posted 01 Jan 2000 [August 1999 Issue]
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