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Microsoft's new Windows XP offers greater user friendliness, stability and compatibility than its predecessors, but still suffers from many of their quirks.
Posted 05 Dec 2001
Originally designed for a now-defunct consumer product line, Java has grown into a "universal translator" for operating systems. New offerings from various companies help to build on this versatility, making Java into a highly useful tool for keeping in touch with field users using diverse equipment.
Posted 26 Nov 2001
Remote-connected employees depend heavily on their cellular phones to let them conduct business on the road. But growing public concern about the safety issues involved may prevent workers from staying connected while driving.
Posted 25 Sep 2001
While competition is mounting, especially from upstart Handspring, Palm is still the recognized leader in handheld computing products, controlling roughly 60 percent of the handheld market.
Posted 17 Aug 2001
If you're the type that likes to take the road less traveled, read on to find out what capabilities you can get by diverging from the Palm OS majority.
Posted 17 Aug 2001
New smartphones, which combine the benefits of the cell phone and the PDA, are moving from novelty to must-haves.
Posted 15 May 2001
Acer's ultraportabe TravelMate 350 has many surprising features that its mainstream competitors have yet to match.
Posted 16 Mar 2001
Transmeta has the industry buzzing and believing all-day-power dreams can come true. Transmeta itself has shrouded the development of it Crusoe processor in mystery, creating huge industry interest long before anyone knew how the product would perform. The company claims that industry expectations are founded on its ability to offer something other manufacturers can't.
Posted 23 Feb 2001
A comparative review of the latest palm devices from HP, RIM, Palm, and Handspring.
Posted 21 Aug 2000
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