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A close look at middleware -- what it is, how you get it, and most importantly, why today's companies need it.
Posted 06 Nov 2001
You arrive for five days of skiing in the Canadian Rockies, at a lodge managed by Intrawest Corp., one of the largest vacation resort operators in North America. It's peak season, and with the slopes as busy as anthills, you anticipate long lines for ski rentals, lift tickets and other resort services, but hey, the snow is deep and the sky is blue. Waiting in line is the price you pay this time of year.
Posted 17 Oct 2001
In the increasingly busy intersection where business data collides, middleware is the traffic cop that will direct your enterprise data to ROI Avenue.
Posted 02 Oct 2001 [October 2001 Issue]
Just two years ago PeopleSoft was dismissed as "struggling" or "lost." But it has charged back with PeopleSoft 8 CRM, a Web-architected enterprise solution featuring a new CRM component. And the competition is getting more than a little nervous. How nervous? Let's just say that the war rooms across Silicon Valley are open 24/7.
Posted 31 Aug 2001
The latest phrase to dance on industry lips is Demand Chain Management, a term which is, depending on your needs, either the next round of meaningless marketing jargon or a futuristic, well-thought-out approach to business.
Posted 14 Aug 2001
E-merchants hoping to use CRM technologies to improve that vitally important customer touch point, the contact center, beware: In their current state, many contact center functions may serve only to drive online customers away. And who among us cannot sympathize with these disgruntled customers.
Posted 14 Aug 2001
CRM stands poised to take B2B e-marketplace transactions to new levels of collaboration and efficiency. But will marketplaces embrace a new way of doing business?
Posted 19 Jul 2001 [August 2001 Issue]
Kurt Eichenwald's new book looks at what happened when a high-profile company declared war on its own customers
Posted 06 Jul 2001
ASP United Messaging finds help through another ASP, Done.com, to implement a collaborative workflow solution with strong accountability.
Posted 02 Jan 2001
Are you comfortable turning over your customer information to strangers?
Posted 20 Dec 2000 [January 2001 Issue]
During the year 2000, profits and potential soar as the CRM industry races to define itself and its future.
Posted 21 Nov 2000 [December 2000 Issue]
A look at how B2B farming-oriented Web sites are trying to change the way the very traditional agricultural industry does business.
Posted 26 Oct 2000
Vertical industries ignore traditional rivalries and rush to establish online markets.
Posted 24 Oct 2000 [November 2000 Issue]
A look at how the automobile industry has embraced the Internet--and radically changed the way it does business.
Posted 01 Sep 2000
Will the latest crop of B2B farming-oriented Web sites change the way the agricultural industry does business, or will these initiatives die on the vine?
Posted 28 Aug 2000 [September 2000 Issue]
Looking back over the past year of alliances, record-breaking revenues and continuing red ink, there is little doubt that significant changes are still in store for the CRM marketplace.
Posted 20 Jun 2000
The ability to provide millions of small businesses with sales and marketing automation solutions via the Web at rock-bottom prices has sparked new interest in the low end of the CRM market. Several companies are now aggressively staking out this market with Web-hosted, basic function offerings designed specifically for the needs of small companies with small budgets.
Posted 17 Apr 2000
Will your CRM vendor be around in five years? Ask those who invest in CRM companies for a living: venture capitalists.
Posted 01 Jan 2000 [September 1999 Issue]
Attune imposes order on marketing campaign chaos.
Posted 01 Jan 2000 [January 2000 Issue]
To compete against Bank of America, Bayshore National Bank trains its employees to sell-and gives them the CRM tools they need to close the deal.
Posted 01 Jan 2000 [August 1999 Issue]
Looking for a summer escape...or competitive advantage? Our panel of CRM experts reviews the latest and greatest business technology books.
Posted 01 Aug 1999 [August 1999 Issue]
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