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Posted 01 Jun 2003 [June 2003 Issue]
Siebel announces the expansion if its strategic alliance with BEA Systems in the hope of strengthening its commitment to providing an easier integration environment for users of Siebel 7.
Posted 30 Apr 2003
Based on the Gartner eService Suite Magic Quadrant, a methodology that measures both a company's completeness of vision and its ability to execute that vision, Siebel remains the lone leader in the this arena, while RightNow has emerged as the lone challenger.
Posted 23 Apr 2003
Using a methodology called the Forrester Wave, the research group examined the consulting firms' CRM practices across three areas: market presence, strategy, and current offerings.
Posted 15 Apr 2003
The launch of Pivotal 5 marks the first time in three years that the Vancouver, BC-based CRM vendor has rolled out a full-suite release.
Posted 10 Apr 2003
Approximately 80 percent of all enterprise data is unstructured, making it a huge potential source for information relevant to CRM initiatives.
Posted 08 Apr 2003
The newest CRM solution from SAS hopes to build on the successes the company has experienced with other industry specific ASP offerings.
Posted 01 Apr 2003
Many company executives still don't have a clear understanding of what RTE is or how to properly implement it.
Posted 28 Mar 2003
Dovetailing VorTecs computer telephony integration with SER's existing solutions will give the company the opportunity to "change the whole economic model."
Posted 25 Mar 2003
In the wake of the dot-com fallout, email marketing is still profitable: Jupiter Research reports that e-marketing was a $1.4 billion business last year.
Posted 14 Mar 2003
An attentive, semicaptive audience is what CallMe Corp. offers to companies and advertisers willing to purchase its Double Blind Date technology.
Posted 11 Mar 2003
GreaterChinaCRM.org is a Web site dedicated to not only providing CRM news and information to the Chinese market, but is also focused on helping the rest of the world to realize the vast CRM potential of this nation.
Posted 07 Mar 2003
Hewlett-Packard's creation of a dedicated Web services management team allows HP to both defend the current marketplace and still help partners see opportunities to go to market with a product and bring new value to customers.
Posted 04 Mar 2003
Posted 01 Mar 2003 [March 2003 Issue]
Business Process Automation: Buzzword or Business Imperative?
Posted 01 Mar 2003 [March 2003 Issue]
Giving customers software that they have complete access control over and by making it fully compatible with existing ACT! programs has put Best in a good position to continue to turn good profits.
Posted 28 Feb 2003
The report focused on markets that held the most potential for growth in six areas: automotive, travel and leisure, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, logistics, financial services, and the public sector.
Posted 24 Feb 2003
FrontRange Solutions and Baan posted encouraging gains, but those gains were achieved in different ways.
Posted 21 Feb 2003
Product managers' compensation increased an average of 5.5 percent during 2002; the annual survey looks at both base salary and all bonuses earned by the various marketing professionals.
Posted 19 Feb 2003
Posted 02 Feb 2003 [February 2003 Issue]
Posted 02 Feb 2003 [February 2003 Issue]
Posted 02 Feb 2003 [February 2003 Issue]
Posted 02 Feb 2003 [February 2003 Issue]
Applix accepts $8.75M offer from Platinum Equity for CRM Business
Posted 24 Jan 2003
Lynn Blodgett, ACS group president of BPO solutions, says that bringing CyberRep into the fold with ACS betters the company's chances of success in the future.
Posted 20 Jan 2003
All SAP solutions to run on enterprise services architecture.
Posted 16 Jan 2003
Clear Technologies is already making moves to both leverage its existing solutions and to expand its customer base.
Posted 14 Jan 2003
A number of leading IT vendors are working together to improve how various Web services function and impact the delivery of data.
Posted 09 Jan 2003
Salesforce.com Inc. has teamed with AvantGo, Inc to offer AvantGo Mobile Sales, called the "My Avantgo" channel, for Salesforce.com customers. This will allow users of Salesforce.com's online CRM solution will now be able to access the information they need through their PDAs.
Posted 07 Jan 2003
Chris Anderson, Maxim Crane's vice president of finance, tells how using CRM keeps the company's multimillion-dollar equipment on the move.
Posted 03 Jan 2003 [January 2003 Issue]
Many companies have been slowing things down over the past month as holiday shopping and spending dominated the lion's share of business coverage. But there has been some below-the-radar news, including parterships and product announcements.
Posted 02 Jan 2003
Firstlogic will integrate its information quality solutions into the CRM solutions that Akibia develops for its various customers.
Posted 23 Dec 2002
SF Insight will focus on data analytics and relationship marketing services
Posted 17 Dec 2002
According to Datamonitor estimates, the worldwide market for call center component technologies was worth $4.1 billion in 2002, and will increase to $5.5 billion by the year 2007.
Posted 12 Dec 2002
Of the 600 respondents to the just-released study "The Blueprint for CRM Success," nearly 450 reported at least a partial return on investment.
Posted 11 Dec 2002
PeopleSoft has announced the release of PeopleSoft CRM 8.8 and has introduced three new vertical solutions: CRM for High Technology, CRM for Insurance, and CRM for Energy.
Posted 10 Dec 2002
Wearable and embedded training devices represent the future of training and instruction for both governmental and business organizations.
Posted 03 Dec 2002
J.D. Edwards made three separate announcements this week, unveiling two new partnerships and a new software program.
Posted 27 Nov 2002
Chordiant Software Inc. made public a new marketing agreement with CRM and eBusiness specialist Kainos.
Posted 21 Nov 2002
A handful of experts debate the various pitfalls and rewards that come with implementing a CRM plan.
Posted 19 Nov 2002
GoldMine CustomerIQ for Discrete Manufacturing is a piece of software that the company says attempts to blend its established framework with a set of comprehensive solutions designed for the manufacturing market.
Posted 15 Nov 2002
Minneapolis-based consulting firm Caribou Lake announced the creation of Customer-1, a new consulting practice aimed at providing integrated strategic and technology consulting services.
Posted 11 Nov 2002
Chordiant Software and Eontec Ltd. expect to be able to help banks improve customer service and increase the speed in which various products are delivered, while also reducing the total costs of call-center operation.
Posted 11 Nov 2002
Accenture's November 1 research report indicates that consumers are not opposed to spending money in a troubled economy, as long they are receiving solid value for it.
Posted 07 Nov 2002
NetLedger, teaming with London-based Open Orchard, is targeting overseas markets by bringing its online business-management services to the U.K.
Posted 05 Nov 2002
Sprint and Working Solutions ink deal that will connect more than 16,000 agents via a high-speed voice and data services network.
Posted 05 Nov 2002
Onyx Software Corp. and Microsoft Corp. announced today that they have decided to extend their multiyear global alliance to include three new vertical markets.
Posted 29 Oct 2002
Eloqua Corporation and Salesforce.com. plan to offer an integrated digital enterprise sales and marketing system.
Posted 29 Oct 2002
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