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The IT industry is not exactly short of labels. It seems de rigeur for any marketing manager worth his or her salt to devise the latest combination of three or four letters as a verbal short-cut to describe a company's concept or gizmo. But hey presto, add the magic "e" prefix and you announce to the world that you are technologically with it. You brand yourself as Internet-savvy. You clothe yourself in the garments of new media and it becomes shorthand for "state of the art."
Posted 02 Mar 2001
Columnist Rhion Jones muses on the evolution of the "lifestyle company."
Posted 29 Oct 2000
Placing a value on your business is key. But are you wasting time satisfying the investment community instead of satisfying your customers.
Posted 16 Aug 2000
For those who have invested in CRM tools, facilities exist to bring rewards for corporate integrity. These systems should, in theory, help to eliminate the more creative explanations of what has occurred.
Posted 17 Jul 2000
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