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Sage's Interact buy emphasises the growth of CRM in the small to mid-sized space. But can Sage and others deliver on the wild expectations?
Posted 02 Jul 2001
Struggling to untie your customers' potential? Then real-time marketing could be the solution to your problems. eB-21's Steve Bell investigates its use of analytic applications and discovers some daunting obstacles along the way.
Posted 08 Jun 2001
There remains sound business logic to the concept of personalisation. However, for the time being, it has been relegated to the technology equivalent of a B-list celebrity. A very sad fate indeed for one that fleetingly reached the dizzying apex of stardom.
Posted 05 Jun 2001
The UK's Post Office is embracing e-business, with an ambitious plan to track all customer contacts. TBC's Steve Bell weighs up its chances of success.
Posted 02 Mar 2001
German CRM pundit Professor Dr. Reinhold Rapp rails against companies throwing technology at problems, insisting that customer segmentation should come first.
Posted 07 Dec 2000
Deutsche Bank and American Airlines eschew Broadvision following claims of poor service and the use of a programming language that many industry pundits believe will become redundant.
Posted 14 Nov 2000
The successful integration of channels promises to bring within reach a truly service-orientated CRM holy grail. So why are fewer than 1 percent of European call centers Web-enabled?
Posted 18 Oct 2000
Laura Ashley's careful move into e-commerce reflects its faith in a market which has been dented by some well-publicised dot com crashes.
Posted 20 Sep 2000
While the larger consultancies have, in recent months, been making moves to change both their structure and traditional approach, in the skills-starved front-office area it is often the client which loses out.
Posted 21 Jul 2000
Dr. Jenny Dougmore advocates implementing a new customer service operation in small steps, easing the transition to a smooth-running solution. She tells Steve Bell how customer service can provide the foundation for a building "of architectural merit."
Posted 17 Jul 2000
An analysis of how sales force automation software is improving sales performance metrics for companies. Includes two case studies.
Posted 12 Jul 2000
Yahoo's Seth Godin embraces the concept of "permission marketing"--an alternative approach to "interruption marketing" in which consumers are actually asked whether they want to be marketed to or not. Godin's theories, which are fully developed in his book Permission Marketing Turning Strangers into Friends, and Friends into Customers, are summarized.
Posted 02 Jun 2000
Cross-selling has been vaunted as the big CRM idea, companies must change their culture, technology and processes to optimize cross-selling opportunities.
Posted 02 Jun 2000
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