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With Zendesk's help, a ‘dog bot' fetches answers for customers of the canine treat provider
Posted 27 Feb 2017 [March 2017 Issue]
The "Un-carrier" turns to LivePerson to fuel customer text conversations ahead of industry trends.
Posted 01 Feb 2017 [February 2017 Issue]
With the help of Web-application powerhouse Adobe, Marc Benioff -- Salesforce.com's founder, chairman, and chief executive officer -- brings his company's Force.com platform to the corporate desktop.
Posted 25 Feb 2008
With its Entrepreneur edition, Maximizer Software targets the sole proprietor -- and the midsize business that proprietor may become.
Posted 15 Feb 2008
One study finds many technology companies link employees' salaries with customer satisfaction.
Posted 28 Jan 2008
Update your Outlook: The CRM software provider has changed its name to Concursive Corp., and its flagship CentricCRM product becomes Concourse Suite.
Posted 12 Dec 2007
Three CRM vendors have released applications for mobile devices in recent days. What's the payoff for the sales representative?
Posted 22 Nov 2007
Callidus Software President and CEO Robert Youngjohns is heading to Microsoft, but will his stance against multitenant on-demand offerings follow him?
Posted 20 Nov 2007
Xactly's compensation management software will give Siebel CRM On Demand users a quick look at future commissions.
Posted 13 Nov 2007
The benefits-administration company looks to increase sales performance through Centive's incentive compensation management.
Posted 09 Nov 2007
The market for incentive compensation management continues to expand, as more companies recognize its ability to drive growth.
Posted 09 Nov 2007
The global CRM market will double within six years, according to a new Datamonitor report.
Posted 06 Nov 2007
Contact centers can't be stodgy. They need to keep up with the kinds of technologies -- email and IM -- their younger customers rely on.
Posted 01 Nov 2007
The pool of Web analytics providers continues to shrink.
Posted 30 Oct 2007
By sending exhaustively detailed iPhone bills, service provider AT&T could be trying to head off expensive customer-care calls.
Posted 17 Aug 2007
A marketing company slashes the time and effort it spends creating reports with the help of performance management software.
Posted 01 Aug 2007 [August 2007 Issue]
The quality is still there for call center vendors, but other outsourcers are challenging their position, according to a consultancy's new research.
Posted 27 Jul 2007
Indonesia's broadband market will grow by 45 percent per year for the next five years, according to research, leading growth in the Asia-Pacific region.
Posted 26 Jul 2007
A new study reveals how marketing agencies are tackling emerging technologies. While mobile devices top the list, YouTube isn't far behind.
Posted 19 Jun 2007
Singapore and Canada get top marks for their customer service, says a new Accenture report that ranks 22 governments' customer service programs.
Posted 18 Jun 2007
OutStart's knowledge sharing software aggregates CRM, Web, and expert information that salespeople can call on round the clock.
Posted 12 Jun 2007
Vettro 360 software makes Siebel CRM On Demand available on mobile devices at speeds Oracle can't match, says an industry analyst.
Posted 11 Jun 2007
The makers of computers and other high-tech devices are finally getting around to answering their emails, one study finds; retail still rules the roost in response.
Posted 05 Jun 2007
Systems that measure and improve quality have a place beyond the traditional factory floor, according to a new study; most sales and marketing departments can benefit from quality analytics.
Posted 04 Jun 2007
Whether off the shelf, on demand, or built in house with open source software, companies will need to customize their SFA systems
Posted 01 Jun 2007 [June 2007 Issue]
Forget about both of them--a new study finds that for real customer service, companies will need to cover all channels across the enterprise.
Posted 29 May 2007
Despite a strong market with several options, small businesses are still warming up to the idea of online personal productivity software.
Posted 25 May 2007
Virt2go wants to virtualize the sales force by offloading the heavy lifting to Web presentations; analysts think it might be part of the future of sales.
Posted 23 May 2007
The company, in keeping with its "No Software" motto, announces its plan to offer service-oriented architecture on demand.
Posted 21 May 2007
BT Group and Avaya's hosted contact-center technology gives customers the option to ramp up, scale down, and distribute offsite centers; the service could prove a telco's greatest strengths are its applications.
Posted 07 Mar 2007
Though it's a sharp departure from its usual acquisitions, the maker of Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software buys BeVocal, which hosts voice-automated customer service solutions.
Posted 22 Feb 2007
A new marketing suite should bring small and midsize players into the marketing management game by delivering enterprise marketing management features to them over the Web.
Posted 13 Feb 2007
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