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Return on investment (ROI) is a financial calculation that indicates the degree to which benefits exceed the investment for a given project or initiative. ROI is applied to initiatives that utilize capital resources because unlike expenses, capital is used to acquire assets that have a longer term impact that will either help or hinder the organization as it operates in the future. The calculation of ROI is in the form of a ratio where benefits are in the numerator (top) and investment/costs are in the denominator (bottom). By itself, ROI is just a number.
Posted 01 Jun 2002 [June 2002 Issue]
Want a successful implementation? Start by defining your sales process.
Posted 01 Jan 2000 [August 1999 Issue]
Understanding the new role of the chief financial officer.
Posted 01 Jan 2000 [December 1999 Issue]
CRM initiatives need leadership, and that leadership should come from the top.
Posted 01 Jan 2000 [October 1999 Issue]
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