Biographical Information
Jeffrey Schumacher
associate partner, McKinsey & Co.

Jeffrey Schumacher is an associate partner at McKinsey & Co. He can be reached at jeff_schumacher@mckinsey.com.

Articles By Jeffrey Schumacher
Simplifying the business will allow e-commerce managers to focus on core competencies that drive the top line.
Posted 01 Jul 2007 [July 2007 Issue]
How to capture the real self-service opportunity.
Posted 01 Apr 2007 [April 2007 Issue]
Information-based marketing programs deliver real value without companies having to spend millions.
Posted 01 Feb 2007 [February 2007 Issue]
Retailers can leverage brand assets and CRM capabilities to build a winning media business.
Posted 01 Nov 2006 [November 2006 Issue]
Marketers should expand their focus and look for opportunities to drive incremental revenue across all stages of customers' interactions.
Posted 01 May 2006 [May 2006 Issue]
Capitalize on the unexpected opportunities in CRM business process outsourcing.
Posted 01 Feb 2006 [February 2006 Issue]
To extract more value from existing sales machinery, B2B companies must address fundamental sales productivity inhibitors, focusing first on process, policy, and guideline improvements.
Posted 01 Jan 2006 [January 2006 Issue]
Create better products and more effective marketing campaigns at lower cost.
Posted 01 Oct 2005 [October 2005 Issue]
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