Content integration can be achieved through a platform that provides a single, bidirectional interface for accessing and working with unstructured content regardless of where it resides across the organization.
Real-time marketing is marketing tailored to a customer's needs by using the most current information about that customer at any point of interaction.
CRM isn't just about sales force automation, customer loyalty, or 360-degree customer views. It's also about the processes that support those ideas.
To maintain this difference managers need to do three things: hire right, engage their employees, and retain the best people.
People accomplish their day-to-day tasks through a configuration of talents.
FAQs reflect the questions that customers ask. And they answer the customers' questions, solve their problems, and enable them to take action--without a follow-up email or phone call.
CRM is not about cost reduction, it's about creating customer loyalty that helps increase profits over time.
Budgeting-forecasting models are key diagnostic tools for management to decipher how changes in policies and decisions impact financial performance.
At a time when layoffs have become a fact of business life how do you build morale in the remaining workforce?
Confidence might seem an ephemeral quality manageable only at the recruiting stage, but technology tools are emerging that can help a sales manager bottle competence and confidence for consumption across an entire staff.
The smart marketer realizes the long-term value of establishing specific goals for any email-marketing program.
Companies must define the role of the customer in their relationship, the type of customers they are seeking and the types of customer they are not seeking to form relationships with.
Don't miss opportunities to use CRM to enhance the bottom line.
Will growing differences between America and Europe have an impact on your reps' ability to sell?
The changing face of CRM in financial institutions.
The top-five functions to automatically build into your e-CRM strategy.
How to create a charter for customer care.
A cheesy look at how email marketing can increase sales.
Relationships, even eCRM relationships, are a two-way street.
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