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Investments in call center technology are on the rise, but customer complaints are, too. CRM magazine Senior Editor David Myron met with Lior Arussy, corporate vice president and general manager of Nice Systems Ltd. and author of The Experience! How to Wow Your Customers and Create A Passionate Workplace, to talk about some of the common customer- service roadblocks and how to solve them.

CRM magazine: What is the biggest problem contact centers face today?
Lior Arussy: The numbers differ depending on the call center reports you look at, but they all state that call center investments are growing. However, customer complaints are growing faster than ever, according to the Better Business Bureau.

CRM: Why is this happening?
Arussy: The reason is, call centers are more reactive, not proactive--they are simply plugging holes in a dam. With that approach it's all about efficiency. Yet, organizations are becoming more dependent on customer loyalty or brand. This requires delivering a consistent, positive customer experience.
The power of the branding is on the shoulders of those who are least motivated and have the highest turnover rate. So it's important to get agents to love the product, and train them so they care about customers. Every experience matters. It's no longer about products and services. The buck doesn't stop at the call center.

CRM magazine: How can an organization improve the customer experience?
Arussy: Empower agents to solve problems. Let agents evaluate units. Reward them. Give agents growth opportunities--61 percent of agents leave the industry within two years. The number one reason for that is the lack of growth opportunities. Also, give agents enterprise access by ensuring customer ideas and information flow to the right decision makers inside the organization.

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