CRM on Twitter: March 2010
Analysts are an opinionated bunch—especially in the Twittersphere.
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Analysts are often opinionated—they get paid to be—but their real-time interactions on Twitter can set new standards for…well, let’s call it “openness.” We snagged a few as they twittered by. CRM magazine can be found at www.twitter.com/CRM; live-twittering and links to blogposts are at www.twitter.com/destinationCRM. Reach us directly by starting your tweet with @CRM.

@rwang0 [partner, Altimeter Group]: 

Shameful for orgs to try to co-opt personal brands for their use. Employees should stand up for their personal brand rights. #unsocial

@mfauscette [IDC analyst]:

 I love it when AT&T drops a call, the error says “call failed.” Isn’t it really “AT&T failed”? #attfail 

@dahowlett [columnist, ZDnet]: 

SAP seems determined to make 12Sprints front and center but I am buggered if I get the use case?????

@fscavo [consultant, Strativa]: 

Responding to inquiry from small enterprise software vendor asking about setting up corporate blog. Good idea if not full of PR-speak.

@jimholincheck [managing VP, Gartner]:

Getting pretty fed up with bad PR this a.m. Make sure you know which firm you are sending an e-mail to and know what the analyst covers.

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