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If the world’s overflowing with communities—and if it isn’t yet, it will be soon—then Twitter gets some of the credit (or blame). “Retweets” reveal disparate members of a given user’s social graph, and the speed with which like-minded people can find each other is amplified by third-party applications that enable twitterers to find their followers’ followers. In honor of our Social Media Issue’s focus on communities , we’ve collected a few tweets from community managers and others who give “group think” a good name. As for us, we’re at www.twitter.com/CRM; blogs and live-twittering appear at www.twitter.com/destinationCRM. Reach us directly by starting your tweet with @CRM.

@mich8elwu: 10 yrs of participation data segmented by industry, community type, and audience + a new way to understand the 90-9-1 [rule] http://sn.im/0610comm2.

@themodcom: Share of time on internet: Community rapidly increasing at 27.8%. Search decreasing at 4.4%. Wow! http://sn.im/0610comm3.

@community20: Where Are You on the Community Maturity Model? http://sn.im/0610comm1 #SocialC20.

@stevealter: Alternative to 90-9-1: 75% Spectators / 15% Dabblers / 9% Enthusiasts / 1% Experts. Feed the 1%, but engage the broad middle. #socialc20.

@MarketSmarter: Create simple tools to engage the 90% of community members who don’t participate. – @dawnL #socialc20.

@blaisegv: I love online communities - spent 30mns trying to figure something out - less than 5mns after I post asking for help here, problem solved.

@MarketSmarter: Value of joining a community has to be emotional, intellectual or financial. –Stephen Gates, #socialc20.

@rhappe: hmm... still not a big fan of the 1/9/90 rule for community engagement #socialc20 Varies so greatly on business purpose.

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