CRM On Twitter: July 2010
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Though some may quibble over CRM’s exact age, it’s certainly been around long enough to seem like a senior citizen next to a startup as young and green as Twitter. Still, the industry has always been quick to embrace the new, and Twitter is no exception: Some of CRM’s foremost thought leaders have managed to make themselves fixtures in the twittersphere. As for us, we’re at www.twitter.com/CRM; blogs and live twittering appear at www.twitter.com/destinationCRM. Reach us directly by starting your tweet with @CRM.

@DrNatalie: If you go social, social grows trust, trust builds loyalty, loyalty reduces churn, inc CLTV #scrm #customerservice

@rwang0: Microsoft may be one of the few vendors to really use the term on-premises. Most vendors say on-premise #muglia #teched #cloud

@briansolis: It’s so much more than customers, Twitter, or Facebook... Customers Ignite a New Era of CRM http://sn.im/bs0305.

@DonPeppers: New metric, time has come: Return on Customer http://sn.im/jul10-tw2 #CRM #customerservice 

@ekolsky: Posted: Oracle launches something cool for CRM - Remember CRM? That stuff we used to do before Social CRM? http://sn.im/0710-tw1.

@jbernoff: Thoughts on leadership in the social era… http://sn.im/jb0520 Get all your ducks in a row!

@pgreenbe: Denis Pombriant put out ThinkForward awards for Sustainability & CRM. I posted on it on ZDNet w/links. Unique awards. http://sn.im/pg0604.

@Gartenberg: Question of the day. How will social networks intersect with the TV Screen? Thoughts. #socialubiquity

@DenisPombriant: Context is often missing for new technology: http://sn.im/dp0512.

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