TeleTech Launches Net Promoter Accelerator
Exclusive solution improves Net Promoter Score by integrating strategy, software, and services at the point of customer contact.
Posted Jun 13, 2012
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TeleTech Holdings, a provider of technology-enabled customer experience solutions, today announced the launch of Net Promoter Accelerator, created through an exclusive partnership with Satmetrix Systems, to let clients identify brand promoters and detractors and respond in real time to drive increased customer value across all channels.

In February, TeleTech began an exclusive relationship with Satmetrix, the co-developer of the Net Promoter Score, to bring a solution to the market that helps companies identify the drivers of Net Promoter and put them into action. The solution brings strategy, software, and services together to improve customer interactions that directly impact business outcomes.

Designed as an enterprise solution, TeleTech's Net Promoter Accelerator solution leverages Peppers & Rogers Group's strategy expertise and Satmetrix's software with TeleTech's customer management and revenue generation services. The integrated solution enables companies to identify brand promoters and detractors in real time, and then effectively react to mobilize the promoters and recover the detractors. TeleTech's Net Promoter Accelerator solution includes the following:

  • Data-driven strategies to help companies identify whether customers are promoters, passives or detractors, and discover the drivers for their brand passion or frustration;
  • Software that puts a structured discipline around the ongoing measurement of customer engagement and loyalty;
  • Training and Net Promoter certification options for all service professionals (whether part of a TeleTech solution or part of a stand-alone client operation); and
  • Technology-enabled trigger-based communications designed to mobilize promoters or recover detractors.

"TeleTech's Net Promoter Accelerator solution provides companies with a tangible customer experience dashboard to identify trends and create targeted, actionable interaction strategies to drive increased customer value," said Ken Tuchman, founder, chairman and CEO of TeleTech, in a statement. "For 30 years, TeleTech has been a leading force in delivering exceptional customer experiences across all channels. This latest introduction reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and increased customer value for our Global 1000 clients."

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