Really Simple Systems Signs Web-Based CRM Deal With Zions
One of Australia's oldest small business suppliers will add Cloud CRM to its'SmallBusiness Essentials range.
Posted Sep 30, 2011
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Really Simple Systems, a European vendor of cloud CRM systems, has signed a deal with Zions Systems to offer Cloud CRM to Australian companies under Zions 'SmallBusiness Essentials' range as part of its software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering.

SmallBusiness Essentials (SBE) is a range of online tools designed to help small business and covers SBEbooks (bookkeeping), SBEsafety (OHS), SBEclients (CRM), SBEstaff (HR) and SBEtraining (training and development). Really Simple Systems will provide the simple CRM software to deliver SBEclients.

John Given, managing director of Zions Systems, said, "When looking at products to compliment our product suite and be integrated into our SmallBusiness Essentials range, we looked at a number products that met our strict criteria. Our partnership with Really Simple Systems will deliver world-class CRM functionality to Australian small business."

Since its release in June 2011, SmallBusiness Essentials has attracted the interest of thousands of visitors from more than 30 countries, with subscriptions now nearing 500.

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