Intradiem Turns Idle Time to Productive Time for Agents
Intradiem's Intraday Task Management technology enables the distribution of back-office work to frontline contact center agents.
Posted Feb 27, 2013
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Intradiem, a provider of intraday management solutions, has added the ability for companies to push back-office work into the call center during agent available time.

The intraday management technology delivers these activities, which can include claims, customer research, invoice processing and data entry, directly to the contact center agent desktop during available time while monitoring ACD metrics to ensure that service levels are always achieved. The technology dynamically responds to changes in call volume and aggregates small increments of idle time across the entire agent population.

Intradiem client Focus Services has already deployed the capability. "Moving back-office work into the contact center allows us to become a more productive operation," said John Porter, CEO of Focus Services, in a statement. "Like any call center, fluctuating call volume is constant and results in an abundance of agent available time. Having the ability to utilize agent available time to process back-office work improves both margins and customer satisfaction."

"Research shows that the average contact center a gent spends 11 percent of his or her day available and unproductive, waiting for the next call," said Matt McConnell, Intradiem CEO, in a statement. "Our customers have an opportunity to turn all of this unproductive available time into active wait time. I don't know of any other initiative that can improve employee productivity this dramatically."

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