Pedowitz Group Adds Marketing Analytics Practice
Partner solutions from GoodData and Birst unify data and deliver actionable insights.
Posted Jul 26, 2013
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The Pedowitz Group, a provider of revenue marketing, has launched a new revenue marketing analytics service that bridges the gap between business intelligence and revenue growth. It partnered with two business intelligence technology  providers Birst and GoodData for this offering.

Birst combines data from multiple sources to help companies answer pressing business concerns in real time. GoodData transforms data, reports, and dashboards into tangible results. These combined solutions allow The Pedowitz Group to deliver a comprehensive set of Revenue Marketing analytics solutions and insights for clients to leverage best practices in marketing intelligence.

"GoodData and Birst offer the most robust and complete SaaS solutions in this category," said Jeff Pedowitz, president and CEO at The Pedowitz Group, in a statement. "The addition of these two partner solutions to our Revenue Marketing architecture empowers our increasingly complex enterprise customers to measure and quantify their contributions to revenue."

"Our most successful and sophisticated clients understand the need to knit together data silos and disparate systems," added Scott Rankin, analytics consulting leader at The Pedowitz Group. "They are willing to invest in closing the loop. It's the ability to make calculated, agile, data-based decisions that separates them from their competition. Implementing a business analytics solution is becoming prerequisite to achieving repeatable, predictable, and scalable Revenue Marketing success."

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