Oracle Adds Support for More Languages to Its Social Listening Product
Social Engagement & Monitoring solution now supports simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Posted Jul 24, 2013
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Oracle has added Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish to the list of languages supported by its Social Engagement & Monitoring (SE&M) solution, which together with its Social Marketing product, makes up the Oracle Social Relationship Management suite.

The product also supports major social sites, such as China's Sina Weibo and Latin American Reclame Aqui and Vostu.

According to Oracle, SE&M is the only listening product on the market with Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) in multiple languages. This technology allows customers to identify the messages they want to see, filter irrelevant posts, and more clearly understand the content of social media messages. Additionally, SE&M allows users to extract more precise aspects of a conversation, such as consumer interest, intent or psychographic information.

Oracle SRM is available with a fully translated user interface in 31 languages. In the coming months, Oracle SE&M will be rolling out listening functionalities for a comprehensive range of languages, aggressively expanding and enhancing its social capabilities for the growing base of global customers.

"Oracle Social Relationship Management is the industry's only unified, integrated, and complete social business solution for the enterprise," said Meg Bear, vice president of Oracle Social Cloud, in a statement. "Oracle's ongoing expansion of Social Engagement & Monitoring's global listening language capabilities allows international businesses to easily understand and communicate with their customers without location and language barriers, creating a seamless and effective social media experience with high impact."

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