GreenRope Adds Predictive Analytics to CRM System
GreenRope users can now predict which contacts in their CRM system are most likely to purchase.
Posted Jun 4, 2013
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GreenRope has added predictive analytics to its CRM software platform.

GreenRope's new feature allows users to predict which contacts within the CRM are most likely to make purchases based on data captured from previous conversions. This new feature looks at activity and demographic data of contacts that have already converted into sales and correlates that information with those still in the pipeline. It integrates email marketing, Web sites, marketing automation, CRM, social media, support ticketing, and more into one business operating system. Users can set their own criteria and correlations to use in predicting the hottest leads.

The new software can do the following:

  • Analyze and associate conversions with activities, behavior, demographics, campaigns, and referrers of current clients to that of prospective clients;
  • Show a detailed chart illustrating the data points that correlate with different stages of contacts in the sales pipeline; and
  • Predict which leads are ready to close.

"We are very proud of our development, and happy to say that we are the first and only platform to incorporate these analytics," said Lars Helgeson, CEO of GreenRope, in a statement. "The ability to predict who is going to buy is a gold mine for both sales and marketing professionals alike."

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