ClickFox Targets the Market's Pulse
The analytics specialist launches ClickFox Pulse, an analytics dashboard to capture the "pulse" of customers' experiences.
Posted Aug 19, 2010
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ClickFox, a provider of customer experience analytics software and solutions, has launched ClickFox Pulse, an executive dashboard providing access to customer experience metrics and insight

The new release, powered by ClickFox's own CEA platform, provides executives a single view of customers' experiences across multiple channels of IVR, web, retail, call center, email, chat, and mobile/SMS applications. Pulse offers a customizable dashboard interface that can identify anomalies, trends, as well as customer satisfaction, customer retention, and operational efficiency.

"[ClickFox Pulse] model[s] the data across the whole experience…. [We] show their customers' experiences as one experience, not just different points," explains Anna Convery, chief marketing officer at ClickFox. "Not one or two touch points," she clarifies, "but every touch point."

In determining what paths are leading to key customer behaviors, Convery believes ClickFox Pulse will "slice and dice the trending," providing essentially, "[a] quick health check on a daily basis of those key customer metrics."

ClickFox Pulse also provides predictive analytics, intended to locate opportunities or risks for companies based on hypothetical cost adjustments with user-defined data.

"[There are] A lot of parameters you can put into it,' says Amir Dekel, Director of Marketing Communications when discussing how ClickFox Pulse can analyze potential financial impacts. "On the one hand, you can look at specific interactions costs [....] [You can] implement scenarios and [determine] what would be the impact. [You can] calculate figures based on the volumes we've already captured."

Forrester Analyst Adele Sage confirms that ClickFox Pulse would also be effective in determining a company's specific "blind spots," often lost without the benefits of viewing an entire portrait of an enterprise. Geared towards a more executive level, ClickFox Pulse avoids what Sage refers to as "the nitty gritty version" of customer analytics.

"The idea behind the dashboard application Pulse is it creates a way for executives to look at all of that data that is high level and meaningful to them," says Sage. "[ClickFox Pulse has] an executive friendly format. In a single glance, [executives] know how they're doing."

Despite all the various ways of viewing and organizing customer analytics, Convery asserts that using ClickFox Pulse can ultimately reveal important financial opportunities: "At the end of the day, I'm always going to look at what this means for the business."

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