Satmetrix Releases Satmetrix Pro for Net Promoter Implementations
Self-service software lets companies leverage Net Promoter expertise and functionality to build loyalty and create exceptional customer experiences.
Posted Oct 1, 2013
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Satmetrix, the Net Promoter software company, today released Satmetrix Pro, a self-service Net Promoter Software application delivered in the cloud. The software offers unlimited surveys for unlimited customer touchpoints.

The software includes proprietary analytics and reporting that open the door to market advantage by shifting focus away from collecting and monitoring customer feedback and towards finding insight in and acting on it. “Every day that goes by without acting on feedback is a day you’re leaving potential profits on the table,” he said.  

Using the cloud-based software’s point-and-click survey design and program management, companies can launch Net Promoter programs quickly and manage them internally. Satmetrix Pro allows companies to design and manage their own surveys using built-in templates and expert guidance, manage the process of following up with respondents, transform data into insight using advanced analytics, and act intelligently to create positive customer experiences.  

Major advances in the new release include the following:

  • Self-service survey and invitation management functions, including authoring, segmenting, report definitions, contact management, and translation;
  • Built-in expertise and templates on survey and question design;
  • Highly configurable question formats, conditions, and personalization;
  • Segmentation, analysis, and report selection integrated with contact management;
  • Response alerts to ensure timely and appropriate follow-up on survey responses;
  • Flexible, configurable reporting filters to access data and insight quickly; and
  • Tools for quickly mobilizing promoters.

"Traditionally, the kind of expertise and functionality you'll find in an application like Satmetrix Pro has been available only to the big boys," said Richard Owen, CEO of Satmetrix, in a statement. "Thanks to the cloud, the ability to draw meaningful insight from customer feedback and to act on that feedback is now accessible to everyone. Satmetrix Pro is the first software of its kind to truly embrace software-as-a-service benefits. It's an incredible opportunity for small to midsized companies to implement a Net Promoter customer program at an affordable price. And every enterprise using EMF or other feedback software should take this opportunity to reevaluate the cost of their current program."

"The best reason to implement a Net Promoter customer program is to improve your bottom line," Owen said in the statement. "This software helps you do that by understanding what makes your customers loyal and acting to create the kind of customer experiences they can't ignore."

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