Netbriefings 'Proclaims' Video Tools for Business
Webcast provider responds to the explosion in video communications with something sales and marketing teams can use.
Posted Aug 16, 2007
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Citing the current boom in Web video popularity and broadband access, Webcast services provider Netbriefings today announced Proclaim, a video communication tool designed for sales teams, marketers, and other professional communicators. Proclaim lets users host live video Webcasts with a single click or create archived ones for on-demand use, according to the company. Three editions with standard monthly pricing are available, in addition to a corporate version whose price is configuration-dependent. Proclaim, built upon Netbriefings' eContent Enterprise platform, lets presenters capture and send an audiostream or videostream from the desktop using a Webcam while simultaneously rolling in additional video clips, audio bites, PowerPoint slides, and images. Live Webcasts and on-demand archives can be personalized for individual viewers, according to Netbriefings. Research from analysts at Interactive Media Strategies, cited in conjunction with the announcement, shows that three-quarters of the 1,200 corporate communicators surveyed have watched online video in a business setting. Moreover, 88 percent said they see online video as an effective marketing tool. For people who work in sales, the analyst firm concludes, video messages offer an easy and cost-effective way to stand out and give a boost to the sales cycle. "Video adds a personal connection and builds credibility, and it's much more affordable and efficient than constant travel for face-to-face meetings. But most of the tools out there don't have the functionality businesses need to get the job done," said Steve Vonder Haar, research director and founder of Interactive Media Strategies, in a statement. "Companies like Netbriefings are developing tools that give companies the power they need for quick and easy video messaging." Nothing in Proclaim is groundbreaking--video conferencing, Webcasts, and slide decks are commonplace these days--but rolling them together into a single on-demand service could make a compelling solution for users who want to juice up presentations but fear either cost or complexity--or both. "When someone sees your face and hears you talking, it makes a world of difference over an email or a phone call. Add to that video clips of customer testimonials, product shots and the like, and you have a pretty compelling package," Vonder Haar said. "With video, you make a meaningful connection and you stand out from the crowd." Related articles: Come In and Take a Glance By increasing the number of guests, Glance Networks aims to expand the use of its screen-sharing capabilities. Viewpoint: Got a Unified Communications Strategy? If not, you've got a lot of room to improve collaboration efficiency. iPhone: Friend or Foe? The release of Apple's new iPhone could be a marketer's dream come true. Endless Possibilities Web designers now enjoy unlimited site enrichment tools, which will help companies take e-commerce sites to new levels as broadband adoption rates soar. We Can't Rewind, We've Gone Too Far Stop regarding video as another technological nuisance--video will achieve the CRM trifecta of lower costs, better service, and happier customers.
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