GK Software Releases Its Mobile Customer Engagement Platform to U.S. Companies
The solution suite integrates with in-store enterprise technologies to help retailers boost cross-channel shopping experiences.
Posted Jan 10, 2017
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Following reported international success, GK Software today announced the North American release of its Mobile Customer Engagement platform, a product suite that aims to better connect retailers with their brick-and-mortar shoppers through their smartphone applications.

GK Software’s platform--which has been employed in 10,000 store locations spanning more than 20 countries--integrates with an enterprise's existing POS, ERP, and CRM systems to improve the returns on such investments by, for example, allowing companies to track, in real time, a customer’s behavior as he navigates a store, similar to the way e-commerce professionals are able to track a browser's activity on the web. The reasoning is that stronger insights into the customer's in-store decisions can give companies a better understanding of the omnichannel customer journey, allowing them to make the necessary operational and merchandising adjustments

With mobile loyalty applications backed by GK Software, companies can personalize promotional offers and marketing campaigns, while making shopping more convenient for buyers. Customers who have downloaded a retailer’s app can use their smartphones as self-scanning devices when making a purchase. Using a QR code, they can connect with the store's POS, scan their items, and pay without the help of a sales associate, thus speeding up the checkout process. According to GK Software, the method is just as secure and simple as the payment options currently available on iOS and Android, but has the benefit of not disrupting the checkout infrastructure companies already have in place.

Business users can also leverage the platform to reach out to buyers with targeted promotions and campaigns. The technology, which integrates with SAP's ERP and and hybris Marketing products, among other systems, can draw from a shopper's buying history to give them new offers as they navigate a company's digital and physical properties. The tool taps into location-based services that operates on geofencing technology to determine what offers are best to send at a particular time. The software also automates the redemption of vouchers, coupons, and points, while storing any receipts and collecting new earnings directly into the customer profile, making it easier for the customer to take full advantage of offers, and more likely to repeat purchases.

"GK Software is excited to bring our comprehensive suite of mobile capabilities to the U.S. retail market," Michael Jaszczyk, CEO of GK Software's USA division, in a statement. "Engaging customers in-store via smartphones is a business-critical component of omni-channel retailing. Retailers can now empower consumers in new and exciting ways, while maintaining complete control through easy integration with their enterprise infrastructure."

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