ForeSee Launches SessionReplay for Mobile
The solution brings visitor feedback to life with video replays of real mobile sessions.
Posted May 14, 2013
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ForeSee, a provider of customer experience analytics, today launched SessionReplay for Mobile, helping organizations see how customers are interacting with mobile sites and apps to identify and resolve problem areas.

SessionReplay for Mobile is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that illustrates how individual consumers engage on mobile sites and apps, providing real-world video replays. It shows the taps, swipes, and scrolls of mobile visitors, bringing their experiences to life to help companies identify struggles and expedite and validate improvements.

The solution lets companies do the following:

  • Relive their mobile visitors’ experiences. Organizations can evolve their mobile strategies, seeing where visitors are struggling based on video replays of real user experiences. SessionReplay for Mobile displays visitors’ touches and taps, pinch and zooming motions, swipes, scrolling and even device orientation.
  • Identify relevant replays. Using the satisfaction scores, visitor roles and comments already captured by ForeSee, companies can zero in on the specific session they’d like to view. In addition, the page filter functionality helps find replays that focus on a particular path or page.
  • Analyze touch and scroll patterns. Using heatmaps, organizations can see if individual struggles are representative of broader issues, helping to identify and resolve roadblocks.
  • Share insight across their organization.  Teams can annotate replays with comments, providing a play-by-play that helps quickly build consensus around improvements. Replay sessions can then be distributed as links via email so stakeholders throughout an organization can see issues and agree on necessary actions. Recipients view the replays as videos within their Web browsers.  "

"A great mobile experience is a crucial competitive asset," said John Williams, senior vice president of product and delivery at ForeSee, in a statement. "With our new SessionReplay for Mobile technology, organizations get powerful, real-world evidence that shows what's engaging mobile visitors and where they're having difficulty. This valuable insight helps companies streamline decision-making processes, nimbly resolving problems and reducing meeting time. ForeSee's comprehensive mobile solutions are a key way to improve the customer experience and, thus, business performance."

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