All in One: The New Smartphone
Traveling salesmen and other mobile professionals who want to have a phone, text messaging and multiple methods of Web access have needed to carry several different devices to client meetings, which leads to much fumbling with the devices and an increased probability of leaving one or more behind. The new smartphones will make this common dilemma a thing of the past.
Posted Mar 2, 2001
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Mobile professionals who want to have a phone, text messaging and multiple methods of Web access may finally have a manageable solution. One of the first attempts to incorporate PDA, cell phone and Internet browser functionality into a single device a few years ago resulted in a bulky phone reminiscent of the "brick phones" that were the first common car phones--devices too cumbersome to be practical. Lessons were learned and the modern version is based on both functionality and practical design.

The Kyocera QCP 6035 Smartphone, introduced in late November, measures 5.59 by 2.60 by 0.86 inches and weighs 7.35 ounces. A user-replaceable lithium ion battery provides up to 4.5 hours of talk time and 110 hours of standby time in CDMA digital mode. The phone is expected to be commercially available in the first quarter of 2001.

The wireless handset combines voice communications, text messaging, e-mail and multiple methods of Web access with the power of a Palm OS-based organizer. The digital wireless phone operates on CDMA PCS, CDMA cellular and analog cellular networks.

Enhanced features include:

  • built-in speakerphone
  • voice-activated dialing
  • "jog-dial" for accessing phone settings
  • contact information
  • call history
  • With the Palm OS version 3.5 and 8 MB of memory, the Smartphone incorporates the complete functionality of the latest Palm organizers and supports thousands of applications written for the Palm OS platform. Kyocera is working with software manufacturers to develop more applications for the device, says Gary Koerper, Kyocera Wireless senior product program manager, who expects some deals to be announced soon.

    The phone supports HTML browsers with Secure Socket Layer encryption to provide security for confidential data, so it will be useful for the mobile professional using m-commerce and enterprise information management applications, Koerper says. The Kyocera phone also supports Web-clipping applications and WAP browsers. Additionally, users can access corporate or personal e-mail accounts using the integrated Eudora e-mail application as well as using data/fax capabilities for personal computers via the charging cradle or optional serial cable.

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