All About Response Launches New Service to Collect Customer Data
With this new offering, customers provide data to companies and get rewarded for supplying as much information as they want.
Posted Feb 29, 2012
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Consumer premium database specialist All About Response has launched a new data collection service.

Web based, AAR's new Partnership Survey's P.R.O. (Product Registration Online) collection service gathers data in three distinct fields: Personal details (i.e. name and contact information), Purchase details (i.e. related to product or service purchases), and Lifestyle details (i.e. newspapers read, hobbies and interests, occupation). And for every one of the three lifestyle sections consumers attempt, they will receive their choice from a special online Rewards Gallery as a thank you from the brand and not an incentive to complete the survey. The whole emphasis of this Online Registration service is to collect quality data, which the consumer has opted to provide, and reward him for doing so.

If all three sections are filled in, the responder will also receive the bonus reward highlighted on the landing page—currently a free session with a professional photographer and a free photo/portrait following the session.

AAR can adapt the offering should the brand wish to pose fewer questions or sections. Ultimately, the more questions posed, the greater the set of benefits that can be passed back to the brand.

At the bottom of each section, the responder can finish the survey or continue to gain further rewards. If the responder only wishes to provide basic registration details, she is still rewarded for doing so via entry into AAR's annual prize draw.

The final page confirms the registration and outlines that an email will shortly be sent to confirm the rewards that have been earned; this email arrives immediately following registration. The brand can make use of this email as a cross-sell mechanism by including links to their own online shops and incentivising additional purchases with money-off vouchers.

The back-end of the site has been designed specifically with customer services in mind.

Responses are available within a second of a consumer submitting his registration.

What's more, the Landing or Welcome page is completely bespoke and can be designed to reflect the brand's own style and corporate image.

Simon Weinstein, managing director AAR, explains: "AAR passionately believes in effective customer experience marketing. It is clear that more and more consumers are seeing the value of providing their data. They are happy to supply personal information to brands which they trust, but this has to be in the most user-friendly way possible and they want to be rewarded for their efforts. Our new Online Registration Site service delivers these requirements while providing brands with an invaluable data source and an effective cross-sell opportunity."

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