planetRE Socialite CRM Adds Cloud Power Dialing Feature
Native Power Dialing within CRM enables telemarketing calls to reach more prospects.
Posted Aug 30, 2016
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planetRE, an enterprise cloud vendor for online real estate, has released a power dialing feature within its Socialite CRM. It enables sales agents to reach out to large groups of prospects every day without dialing phone numbers manually each time.

As leads are created in CRM with action plans optionally attached, they are tagged, and scheduled bulk calling lists can be automatically created each day for agents. Once initiated, the power dialer session can call numbers automatically in a sequence or call multiple phone numbers concurrently with the dialer connecting to the recipient who picks the phone first. The rest are thrown back in the pool using a loop-back algorithm.

All call records are logged in the database automatically. With configurable setup for each user, the dialer can change bundle of lines called concurrently, time limits to drop off unanswered lines, and other voicemail options.

"This is a long standing problem for top agents who have paid assistants doing telemarketing calls for many hours a day. Cold calling is tiring and slow with manual dialing. Other market solutions requires import/export, expensive third-party subscriptions," said Subrao Shenoy, CEO of planetRE, in a statement. "Native power dialer in planetRE is the only solution offering maximum efficiency, ease of use and no third-party dialer licensing cost."

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