inMotionNow Adds Security and Compliance Enhancements for Creatives and Marketers
Secure creative review and audit trail features round out the capabilities in the latest product release.
Posted Aug 29, 2017
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inMotionNow, a provider of workflow management solutions for marketing and creative teams, has added two new features to strengthen security and compliance during the creative review process.

The new secure creative review and audit trail features are designed to meet the needs of creatives and marketers working in businesses regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and need to maintain compliance with 21 CFR 11.

"From precision and accuracy in labeling and advertisements, to cyber security, the trend line suggests to us that more and more creatives and marketers are becoming increasingly sensitive to the needs for security and compliance in their workflow," said inMotionNow Chief Technology Officer Chris Trauzzi in a statement. "The latest inMotion enhancement is in response to requests we've received from stakeholders in food packaging, pharmaceutical, and financial services, and other regulated industries, where compliance and security simply aren't optional."

The company's flagship product, inMotion, streamlines and automates administrative steps along the creative workflow process from the initial request and creative brief to review and approval.

Specifically, the secure creative review and audit trail allows companies to do the following:

  • Enable only the security features that fit the needs of specific teams;
  • Require that reviewers enter a username and password to log into the secure inMotion review environment;
  • Require that reviewers enter two pieces of identification when signing off on advertising and creative work;
  • Get an automated audit trail of every approval on all  advertising and marketing content; and
  • Keep the creative and advertising review process in compliance with FDA requirements for electronic signatures and electronic records (21 CFR 11).

This release is the latest in a series of software updates inMotionNow has made to the inMotion product so far in 2017. In January, the company launched its review and approval tool and in May, it released a review feature for marking up and approving emails for marketing campaigns.

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