comScore and Datalogix Announce Joint Measurement Solution
The partnership will help brand marketers link ad viewability to in-store sales.
Posted Oct 8, 2014
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comScore and Datalogix, which connects online ads to offline sales, today announced a strategic partnership to help brands close the loop between digital ad exposure and in-store sales.

The partnership allows comScore's U.S. clients to supplement validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) analytics with Datalogix offline sales measurement, including DLX ROI, to measure the offline sales of brand advertisers' campaigns.

The joint measurement will use comScore vCE's non-human traffic filtering and viewability measurement for digital ad campaigns along with Datalogix's $2 trillion in consumer-level purchasing data to help brands gain new insight into the offline sales performance of ads that were seen by users. The combination of comScore's impression-level reporting and Datalogix's offline sales data will provide deep insights through granular data sets from millions of purchasing households. Using those analytics, advertisers can better determine the most effective channels, publishers, creatives, formats, and demographics for their campaigns and optimize future campaigns at scale.

"We are excited to partner with Datalogix to give brands a clear picture of digital advertising ROI," said Serge Matta, CEO of comScore, in a statement. "By bringing an accurate quantitative feedback loop to digital ad campaigns, brands can gauge how well their ads are working and also obtain the insights needed to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns."

"For brand advertisers, it's a vital one-two punch in campaign measurement: Are my ads being seen and are they driving sales?" said Eric Roza, CEO of Datalogix, in a statement. "Our joint solution brings together comScore's viewability measurement with Datalogix's household-level sales data to give advertisers a 360-degree view of the effectiveness of their campaigns. Through this solution, brand advertisers can measure the real-world sales impact of their campaigns and optimize those campaigns at scale to be more effective."

"The combination of comScore vCE and DLX ROI has the potential to be really powerful in driving smarter media strategies," said Bob Rupczynski, vice president of media and consumer engagement at Kraft Foods Group, in a statement. "We need to know how our ads that are actually seen influence in-store buying, and this joint offering not only quantifies that impact but does so at such granularity that we can tweak our strategies across a variety of dimensions."

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