Zebra's MPact Beacons Now Support Eddystone Protocol
Support for Google's new open beacon format helps mobile marketers reach more consumers.
Posted Jun 6, 2016
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Through a collaboration with Google, Zebra Technologies' Zebra MPact beacon portfolio now supports the Eddystone protocol, a scalable Bluetooth low-energy beacon format that enables marketers to reach consumers via the Chrome browser on any Android or iOS device.

As retailers increasingly look for secure methods to protect customer privacy, Zebra's support for Eddystone will allow the delivery of a more secure beacon signal while enhancing the personalized shopping experience.

MPact unifiesWi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart technology, improving locationing accuracy while allowing marketers to capture more analytics and insight to take the next-best action to serve shoppers at any time during their visits.

"Retail and hospitality organizations are in constant pursuit of ways to improve customer engagement, prioritizing a high-touch, personalized experience for the shopper by strengthening the relevance and effectiveness of mobile marketing interactions," said Jill Stelfox, vice president and general manager of location solutions at Zebra Technologies, in a statement. "By supporting the Eddystone protocol, the MPact portfolio will help retailers, hoteliers, and restaurateurs increase meaningful interactions with their customers while simultaneously improving privacy and security during the user experience."

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