Trillium Launches Trillium Precise
Trillium Precise helps companies validate customer data and add new information to customer records.
Posted Mar 1, 2017
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Trillium Software, a Syncsort company that provides data quality solutions, today released Trillium Precise, a data-as-a-service (DaaS) solution for validating, verifying and enriching customer and prospect contact information.

Trillium Precise combines Trillium's worldwide postal and geocoding data cleansing and enrichment of customer contact information with validation, verification, and enrichment of email, phone, address, and IP services. It provides accuracy checks delivered from a constantly updated offline database that connects to organizational customer lists to match identity elements in real time. It also extends the value of Trillium Software System and integrated CRM solutions, delivering data quality platforms with key identity and communications information.

"Accurate customer information in a single, comprehensive, and actionable view is a requirement for many organizations for a broad range of use cases, including fraud detection, loan assessment, customer service, customer retention, market segmentation, lead generation, and targeting cross/upsell opportunities," said Keith Kohl, vice president of product management at Trillium Software, in a statement. "Trillium already provides our customers with worldwide address, geocoding, and enrichment services that deliver critical elements for an intelligent approach to customer-related applications. With Trillium Precise, we are extending to them the ability to enrich and affirm the accuracy of information used in key business and consumer communications, enhancing customer interactions and the value of analytics."

Trillium Precise extends data cleansing and enrichment by including verification of email addresses and phone numbers, and the addition of attributes like age and gender data that are associated with contact points.

In addition to confirming that existing data about customers is accurate and up to date, organizations can use Trillium Precise to add new, previously unknown information to customer records. It also provides information for customer analytics, can be used to identify attributes of online interactions to support risk determinations, and can detect potential fraudulent transactions attempted via proxy servers or temporary email addresses.

"Keeping in touch with customers and heightening the customer experience is vital. Statistics show it costs five times more to win a customer then to keep an existing one," Kohl continued. "With Trillium Precise, organizations in a broad range of industries, including retail, banking, and financial, can reduce customer churn by improving customer service and heightening the customer experience."

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