Teradata Updates Integrated Marketing Cloud
The new release of Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloudunifies advertising and marketing via a unified data management platform.
Posted Oct 28, 2015
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Teradata Marketing Applications released an updated version of Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud, a data hub comprising integrated solutions for data-driven integrated marketing.

Teradata's latest release empowers marketers to individualize their marketing and connect one-to-one with customers by unifying customer-interaction data across paid, earned, and owned channels, at scale. Now, from campaign inception through every customer interaction and response, Teradata provides marketers a comprehensive integrated data-driven marketing platform .

A few months ago, Teradata acquired FLXone, a data management platform provider based in the Netherlands. FLXone's DMP forms the data foundation for the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud.

Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud is a fully integrated platform comprising solutions for marketing resource management, omnichannel marketing, marketing analytics, and digital marketing. It unifies interactions across outbound, real-time, and audience marketing, and unifies data across anonymous and known customers, all on a single modular platform. Teradata's solution will also connect to proprietary data stored in an integrated data warehouse (IDW), directly integrate to email and mobile response data through Teradata Digital Marketing Center (DMC), and offer native integration with other Teradata solutions.

The many solution-level improvements underpinning these rich capabilities include the following:

  • Teradata Marketing Resource Management, which connects campaign results with internal operations and spend. This solution also provides one global view on a scalable, fully integrated, and flexible marketing platform, a task inbox for the review and approval process, and Marketing Calendar improvements.
  • Teradata's Omni-Channel Marketing solution, which helps marketers create customer interaction strategies by leveraging integrated insights and improving all online and offline engagements. This solution comes with Visual Planner for mapping real-time interaction strategies, Smart Content Decisioning, a self-learning engine to drive relevant content within email, Insights Count Report, which lets marketers see the impact their segmentation criteria has on leads produced and adjust in real time, and more social and mobile capabilities, as well as barcodes/coupons, automated A/B testing, improved digital content previews, expanded mobile response data, and an enhanced ability to personalize transactional email.
  • New Marketing Analytics features in Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud include the Data Management Platform (DMP), which gives marketers online and offline data across all channels, and Unified Interaction Management, which now includes ad impression data from search and display advertising, Web behavioral data (such as content viewed and conversion tracking), and digital marketing data from email, social, and mobile channels.
  • Teradata Digital Marketing Center (DMC), a digital marketing solution for email, mobile, social, Web, app and micro-location marketing, advertising, segmentation and analytics. New features in DMC include Social Audiences, to help marketers create specific audiences based on existing contacts within DMC to enhance targeting and improve ad performance across social networks; Advanced Behavioral Targeting, which seamlessly enriches DMC with customer Web behavioral information; Instagram integration; and expanded Mobile Push capabilities like extended send-out customization and A/B split testing.

"We help make marketers more agile through analytics-driven insights and strategic execution that let them build one-to-one connections with customers and drive revenue. That's what marketers want. That's what they need. That's what we do. We are the strategic partner for data-driven marketers today," Bob Fair, Teradata's co-president and global head of the Teradata Marketing Applications division, said in a statement.

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