Tencent and DHgate to Collaborate on Social Selling Platform
The collaboration between Chinese firms Tencent and DHgate will yield, among other things, a cross-border CRM system.
Posted Jul 18, 2016
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DHgate.com and Tencent have signed a strategic agreement to create a social cross-border e-commerce application for on-demand B2B communication and deal-making between global buyers and sellers.

DHgate.com's service system will be upgraded through Tencent's connectivity. The cooperation will have three phases. Phase 1 will be to co-develop a cross-border e-commerce instant messaging tool that will enable buyers and sellers to directly communicate. Phase 2 will be to co-develop a social cross-border CRM system that will allow DHgate sellers to sort their customers into categories so they can deliver tailored marketing packages. Phase 3 will be to build a social cross-border business platform.

"We have entered the era of global digitalization. According to a report from McKinsey, there are already 900 million people communicating cross-border through social media Web sites and 360 million who participate in cross-border e-commerce. The future of the cross-border e-commerce industry has great potential. The cooperation with Tencent will make DHgate.com's all-in-one B2B service even more systematic and will strengthen our leading position," said DHgate.com founder and CEO Diane Wang in a statement.

"The core value of Tencent Qidian is to help enterprises to have timely communication, and at the same time to connect all the different sections of service into one service program to make user interaction deeper and more effective," Xiangyu Wang, general manager of product marketing at Tencent Qidian, said in a statement.

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