Starmind Launches Mobile Apps
Starmind's mobile app on iOS and Android will provide secure access to company knowledge and experts.
Posted Aug 15, 2017
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Starmind today launched iOS and Android mobile applications to help users solve problems, find experts, and access the entire expertise of any organization.

With the new app users can now access their companies' virtual brains anywhere and anytime, from an on-site sales meeting to a sudden question that comes to mind in the middle of the night.

"Our goal is to connect humans and their expertise anytime, anywhere, and to give them fast answers. With our mobile app, we give employees the chance to interact and share their knowledge the moment they are able to share it," said Marc Vontobel founder and chief technology officer of Starmind, in a statement. "Imagine finding yourself on the floor of a tradeshow when a prospective customer asks an obscure question about a product, or being an insurance damage expert on the road and confronted with an entirely new claims situation, with Starmind's mobile application, people in these scenarios or others now have the ability to get the information they need from the person best suited to provide it."

Starmind learns about individual knowledge, expertise, and interests from employee interactions and answers. Using self-learning algorithms based on the principles of brain and artificial neural network research,' questions are automatically forwarded to the right person within the company, identified by the algorithm as the designated expert for that specific topic.

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