Socialbakers Partners with Lenovo on Social Health Index
The Social Health Index evaluates brands' social marketing performance across platforms.
Posted Oct 23, 2014
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Socialbakers, a social media analytics and optimization company, has launched the Social Health Index, developed in partnership with Lenovo.

The Social Health Index is an industry benchmark that provides brands with a single assessment of their social marketing performance across platforms, allowing them to measure and compare their entire social footprints to their competitors over time.

The Social Health Index traces brands' social performance on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and combines it into one single rating. Brands are scored on four metrics: participation of the social audience, acquisition of new community members, retention of their audiences, and the shareability and effectiveness of content. The rating also measures brands' position in the present, delivering real-time and dynamic business intelligence based on the current state of the industry. In particular, the index provides brands with a variety of detailed insights that will allow them to make real-time adjustments to their mix of social media platforms and align with evolving business goals.

"The Social Health Index is the first industry benchmark that puts brands' social marketing performance into context," said Jan Rezab, CEO and co-founder of Socialbakers, in a statement. "Brands need a way to quantify their return on investment into social relative to their competition. Our development of this index with Lenovo provides a simple way for brands in any industry to do this."

"Lenovo is constantly looking for ways to evaluate the approaches we take in engaging with our customers such as through conversations on our global Twitter handles or through our close to 60 Facebook pages across the organization," said Rod Strother, director of the Digital and Social Center of Excellence at Lenovo, in a statement. "We recognized the need for an easy way to benchmark our use of social platforms against others in the industry and share this information in a digestible format with Lenovo executives. Socialbakers was the perfect partner with whom to develop this index due to the company's dedication to providing brands with competitive intelligence insights."

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