SALESmanago Launches Sales Bot for Facebook
SALESmanago's AI Bot for Facebook Messenger can be used to automate sales and customer service.
Posted Jul 21, 2016
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Marketing automation platform provider SALESmanago launched a bot for Facebook Messenger that can automate customer service and sales on Facebook. The new tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to  recommend products based on previously recorded behavior from various channels. It is fully integrated with SALESManago's marketing automation software. 

The bot can be used by any company to automate customer service and sales through Facebook. Once users initiate a talk through Facebook Messenger, the bot recognizes the user and links up the conversation with his profile in the SALESmanago software. Using information on behavior from all available channels, including desktop, mobile, Facebook, ad networks, call center, or even points of sales, it can recommend products, check order status, or help in the complaint process.

"This works also the other way around. All the data from your conversation with our bot is transferred to your profile and can be used to automatically customize the offer for you in the future. It can be presented to you by means of emails, dynamic product recommendation boxes on the seller Web page, or Facebook ads. All of this is automated by our system," said Konrad Pawlus, chief technology officer at SALESmanago, in a statement.

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