RedPoint Adds MDM Capabilities
New capabilities in the RedPoint Customer Data Platform allow users to curate key data across the customer lifecycle.
Posted Jun 27, 2017
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RedPoint Global, a provider of data management and customer engagement technology, has extended the RedPoint Customer Data Platform with new master data management (MDM) capabilities.

RedPoint MDM empowers businesses to create accurate and comprehensive data profiles, including streaming digital behavior and IoM (Internet of Me) data. It features a browser-based user interface to give users access to dynamically updated master data throughout its entire lifecycle.

"Businesses today aim for superior data quality to optimize customer engagement, and our new MDM capabilities enable users who have the best customer knowledge with the ability to correct and update customer information on the spot," said Dale Renner, CEO of RedPoint Global, in a statement. "Ensuring a holistic view of a customer not only strengthens the relationship that businesses work so hard to build, but also provides the basis for highly personalized interactions. As organizations gather more data about their customers, our MDM capabilities give them the means to efficiently keep that data accurate throughout the entire enterprise."

RedPoint also offers advanced matching algorithms to resolve identities at various levels. With the new MDM capabilities, users can approve, reject, and discard changes to data and compare new and old data.

Additional features of RedPoint MDM include the following:

  • Integration with existing applications through pre-built APIs (REST-based web services) to integrate viewing, changing, and controlling master data into existing apps (such as call center, product fulfillment, and onboarding solutions).
  • Complete view of changes to data lineage that is& versioned, dated, and user-tagged. RedPoint provides an audit trail and view of older data at the record level.
  • Control of workflow management through a browser-based UI and business processes for users to oversee changes to master data, allowing control of changes and resulting profiles.

RedPoint recently launched the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub, which combines its customer data platform to create rich, 360-degree customer profiles with its real-time customer interaction platform to optimize customer engagement across all touchpoints and enterprise business functions. With a hub to connect all their customer data and touchpoints, enterprises can now drive real-time decisions, and intelligently orchestrate engagement with their customers from a single point of control.

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