Qubit Launches Aura Personalization Product
Qubit Aura uses artificial intelligence and customer data to tailor product discovery and recommendations.
Posted Oct 11, 2017
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Qubit, providers of marketing personalization technology, today launched Qubit Aura, a product discovery solution for the mobile web.

Qubit Aura sits on existing mobile websites and, through artificial intelligence-powered personalization, changes the products users see based on their behavior.

"Personalization starts with product discovery, and the results from our beta program prove that if you can increase product discoverability, you can increase your revenue," said Graham Cooke, CEO of Qubit, in a statement. "Ecommerce companies can maintain relevance and differentiate from giants like Amazon with a focus on increased product discoverability. For businesses looking to be customer-centric with personalization, Qubit Aura is a tangible, straight-forward, quick-to-implement, and unique experience for every single visitor."

Qubit Aura is powered by Qubit's personalization platform. By tapping the Qubit Aura icon, users surface a layer over their existing mobile sites and can switch between discovery, browsing, and purchasing. The solution creates an integrated discovery environment that brings together user behavior with programmatic experiences, like social proof and product recommendations. Machine learning and event-level data collection organize products based on every unique visitors' interests.

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