Precision Dialogue Launches Marketing Hub
Precision Dialogue's Marketing Hub leverages marketing cloud platforms to create localized, multi-channel messaging in three simple steps.
Posted Nov 16, 2016
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Precision Dialogue has launched Marketing Hub, a web-based application that enables marketers to coordinate localized, brand-compliant marketing efforts online and offline.

"Marketing Hub provides a streamlined experience for initiating marketing campaigns across email, direct mail, and SMS, so brands and their local market managers—the end users—can confidently overcome these challenges,"said Jeff Buczynski, director of marketing solutions at Precision Dialogue, in a statement.

Marketing Hub delivers synchronized customer records, CAN-SPAM guideline adherence, and real-time monitoring through a three-step process whereby users select the channel (email, SMS, or direct mail), build the content, and send it to the recipients. Messages are triggered via the marketing cloud platform. All data, including subscriber information, content, templates, and tracking, is managed and preserved in the platform.

"From consistent branding to operational efficiencies, Marketing Hub gives the user an unparalleled experience that's both simple and powerful," said Todd Thompson, executive vice president at Precision Dialogue, in a statement.

Formerly named Email Builder, Precision Dialogue's Marketing Hub is now a platform-agnostic solution that supports multiple channels, both online and offline.

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