Optmyzr Introduces Optmyzr Express
Optmyzr Express highlights top pay-per-click optimization opportunities for marketers.
Posted Apr 12, 2018
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Optmyzr, a provider of pay-per-click management software, today unveiled Optmyzr Express, an automated system that suggests the most important optimization opportunitiess.

Available immediately to all users of the full Optmyzr PPC Campaign Management Suite, Optmyzr Express is designed to help simplify and automate the top up-to-the-minute opportunities. Users can click to implement automated suggestions for optimization or access an intuitive dashboard view to customize or modify suggested changes in a single screen.

From pausing low-performing ads or adding new keywords to quick fixes for Quality Score and high-performing keywords, Optmyzr Express facilitates smart, on-the-go campaign adjustments and creates a workflow for continuous improvement.

The new offering from Optmyzr is designed to present ideas to PPC professional as a high-value to-do list, giving quick insight across multiple accounts. Marketers can set up a view into all accounts or prioritize favorite accounts. Users can also snooze Optmyzr Express suggestions to remind them to take action at another time.

"Optmyzr Express is about speed, agility, and giving PPC pros insight into what they need now," said Frederick Vallaeys, co-founder of Optmyzr, in a statement. "A real time-saver, the speed of the system encourages more frequent optimizations. Optmyzr Express enhances the workflow for PPC pros, giving them insight, agility, and the power to identify the most pressing gaps and make immediate changes that matter."

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