OnlyBoth Releases Customer Benchmarking Engine
Customer Benchmarking Engine provides SaaS companies with artificial intelligence-powered comparative insights into customer health and success.
Posted Aug 9, 2016
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OnlyBoth today introduced its Customer Benchmarking Engine, a customer analytics software solution that uses company data to generate comparative insights that motivate customers to make improvements in the use of their solutions.

OnlyBoth's Customer Benchmarking Engine also performs deep, comparative analysis on each customer using artificial intelligence.

The Customer Benchmarking Engine is built on OnlyBoth's proprietary artificial intelligence technology, automating the search, analysis, and reporting of numerous comparative insights for each individual customer. The engine produces insights that show where customers of SaaS companies excel and where they can improve, empowering customer success managers to proactively suggest specific actions that can help improve their customer's business.

"SaaS companies understand the critical importance of customer success management in retaining and expanding customer relationships," said Jim Berardone, chief customer officer at OnlyBoth, in a statement. "With the introduction of the Customer Benchmarking Engine, OnlyBoth is empowering SaaS companies to make a difference in the health and success of each customer.  By sharing valuable comparative insights for each customer, our clients can deepen customer relationships, encourage their customers to take action to improve, and increase retention rates to fuel the growth of their business."

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